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Why appearing for SAT & ACT is necessary?
Why appearing for SAT & ACT is necessary?

We come to about the ACT and SAT exams so much during your high school and keep wondering “What is the big deal?” However, the ACT/SAT is so important to a student's education, during high school and college, as well as possibly influencing your future career. Why is the SAT necessary? Why is the ACT also important?

Mentioned below are the three reasons that make SAT and ACT tests necessary to get cleared:-

A Compulsory Factor for College Applications

It’s no secret that most college applications needs to submit one's SAT or ACT score (or both if you choose to), thus making the exam necessary to clear. Moreover, to it being a requirement, colleges and universities receive thousands of applications every year. Some schools receive over 75,000! The scores on the SAT and ACT enable them to collapse and make decisions on acceptance.

This also makes one's own score extremely necessary. The schools that are receiving 75,000 applications do not have much time to read every document, transcript, or essay. Thus, a low score may spontaneously turn against you.

Qualify for Scholarships

In addition to your college applications, you’re SAT and ACT scores can be used to apply to more scholarships. These are sometimes merit based scholarships, granted directly from your choice of college during the application process. Others may be from local, state, or regional programs where your grades, academic achievements, and score affect your eligibility.

You may also want to take the PSAT if you are a junior in high school. You are instinctively entered into the scholarship program from National Merit to possibly be a National Merit Scholar, the hosts of the practice exam. Ensure to check scholarship databases and with your high school guidance counselor to see if there are any other awards you may qualify for with your SAT, PSAT, Pre-ACT, or ACT score.

Goes Further than the GPA

The sad part lies that after your first two years, it is not easy to change or raise your GPA, especially if it was less than the required during your Primary and secondary level. Even with good grades in the final years of high school, the damage could not be repaired; as your higher classes’ grade doesn’t have the required capacity into the GPA the colleges see.

Your ACT or SAT score offers you another golden possibility to prove your academic potential to the college or university, even if you’re GPA is a little less than expected or wanted. It’s your opportunity to present you can work under pressure, study hard, and perform well. This is an important reason to prepare you properly and be prepared on test day.

Studying and taking the ACT or SAT exams can be an exceptionally formidable task. Yet, it’s good to remember these are compulsory to define a student's future career. Your colleges will look upon them during the early application process to see if you’re physically fit in their school. If you feel you could enhance upon the score after your first attempt, try to reappear in the exam after more practice. A high ACT or SAT score will prove beneficial for you gain and fill the empty gap.