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How to Get a Perfect 7 in IB Biology
How to Get a Perfect 7 in IB Biology

IB Biology itself is a coherent field which caters to furnish our understanding of all vital processes related to life. Its complexity can be judged by its scope of application in every field which is demanding more research to fulfill the futuristic needs. It covers all kinds of physicochemical aspects (plants and animals), interactions at both micro (e.g., molecular drug designing etc.) and macro level (e.g., Ecology etc.), and molecular mechanisms of various processes like development and evolution.

Basics of understanding biological concepts lies in connecting the dots to build strong comprehension and logical reasoning for improved applications for designing better experiments for upcoming for new innovations and discoveries.

Knowing “why?” and “how?”:

Try to follow a broad learning approach while learning by an IB Biology tutor which is more emphasized on “why?” behind the concepts rather than facts and figures holding on “what?” and “where? This will acknowledge the reasons to study a subject and value of concepts being given in the syllabus. It must satisfy the reasons to study a particular topic. Basics (what and where) are to be clarified before moving on to advance concepts (how and why). Every concept should be covered with complete analysis and evaluation.

Eye on syllabus of IB Biology:

Being bound to a concise material and specified syllabus checks over unproductive hours wasted over numerous resources. Ultimately, focused attempts provide better results with lesser input which save both time and energy.

Conceptual understanding:

Clear and conceptual understanding of basics and depth knowledge with practical implications helps in building up scientific aptitude required for internal assessment.Our online IB tutors can supplement your efforts with appropriate diagrams, flowcharts, flashcards and mind maps. They can teach you ways to make short notes which can be used for the last time revision. A well-qualified IB tutor can satisfy the curiosities boggling in the mind of a learner which may remain unanswered in crowded school classes.

Repeated revision and practice:

Whether it is obtaining knowledge or gaining new skills, everyone needs frequent practice and repeated revisions. Biology itself is a wide subject which requires practicing mocks, solving previous papers and evaluating them with the help of IB tutors in a time bound environment leads you closer to your goal. Discuss the doubts with your peers, friends and teachers or tutors to find the missing links to cater your understanding for the concepts.

Tracking loopholes in preparation:

Exercising mocks and previous 5-6 years papers improvises your self-confidence and reduces common mistakes observed while answering and helps you find weak areas (concepts) to focus on before exam.

Management skills:

Preplanning and proper execution cuts down the probability of reoccurrence of common mistakes. Practicing improves management skills and helps you prioritize easy and simpler questions first and difficult and time-consuming questions later.

Internal assessment:

After understanding the basics from the textbooks and exercises given behind each chapter, detailed concepts can be understood by the help of well qualified online IB biology tutors or facilitators or biology teachers, you can learn the right scientific approach based on specific criteria to address and select a problem related to a concept. With proper scaffolding you can understand the practical application of the topic and ways to design experiments to solve it.

Confidence over skills and abilities:

Every act requires a certain level of self-boosting attitude which helps to keep negative thoughts and anxiety away while preparing and during examination. A healthy body and mind with a knowledge of exam psychology and stress, helps in keeping a track of physical as well as mental health. A proper IB Baccalaureate guide can help you go through these steps and help in refreshing your self confidence in need. Confidence levels in exams helps to avoid several mistakes.

An IB Tutor can provide help in all parameters mentioned above with his/her own experience in the related to the subject with in-depth understanding of the concepts and in proposing new ways to solve a problem with his research-oriented aptitude to help IB students and inculcate the same in them to score higher in internal assessments and overall exams. Please contact Baccalaureate Academy for any further guidance about IB PYP, MYP or DP subjects.