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Baccalaureate Academy offers IB Diploma Tutors in both online and offline mode along with features like teaching in group and teaching in private. Teaching in a group refers to teaching more than 2 students at a time whereas teaching in private refers to personal teaching where a dedicated teaching staff is assigned to an individual student.

The International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme is an educational program that is usually done after completing high school which is administered by International Baccalaureate (IB) which is headquartered in Geneva, Switzerland. The duration of this program is two years and is recognized by many universities worldwide, the program provides a qualification for entry into higher education for international studies.

IB diploma

The International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme is taught in over 140 countries and has a huge scope and this has caused the rise in the demand of the IB Diploma Tutor. As this program is highly recognized worldwide more students are enrolling for this program.

To succeed in any exam proper guidance is needed to show the right path for success. Many students fail in the exam due to a lack of motivation and poor in-depth understanding of the concepts. All it depends on the teacher the way he teaches and motivates the learner and we follow the same principle of motivating and teaching the learner in-depth so that the learner is capable to handle any kind of questions of the respective subject after the successful completion of the tutoring program. We always thrive to keep our learners motivated and make them feel confident.

IB DP Tutor (One to One)

Our IB DP Tutor is different from other tutors as we provide one to one online tuition, we have handpicked the best-trained faculties to handle the program so that the learners do not feel any difficulty in learning. The entire program is well structured and is strictly followed accordingly. IB Diploma Tutors at Baccalaureate Academy has been proven best in recent years, our learners are from different parts of the world. In a recent survey of 50 aspiring candidates we have found the major problem encountered by them while learning in the tutor, the common problem was understanding the basics of the concepts which is very important to tackle any kind of problem. Our teaching staff ensures that the concepts are covered from the depth and the syllabus is covered within the mentioned time so that the aspirant gets enough time to revise the subject.

Our IB Diploma Tuition program is well structured


We have a group of experts from the education field, they are responsible for designing the structure of the course. Our teaching staffs are responsible for the implementation of the structure of the course within the specified time frame along with ensuring that the learner gets adjusted with the pace. The teacher also monitors the progress of the individual learner and tracks their performance after every assessment test. Proper feedback is taken from every learner when the new concepts are introduced along with counseling sessions for the learners who are facing the difficulty in the subject. Our teaching staffs are always available to clear any kind of doubts.

We follow both online and offline teaching methods for the Baccalaureate classes. As our learners are from worldwide and we have limited branches for the tutor, it is difficult for the learners to move from their place to attend the classroom session, so we are also available online and teach using a leading computer and mobile applications. Necessary setups are made in our studio such that the online teaching session is amazing, and learners gain a new experience of learning. For those learners leaning online, the assessment is also done online through software.

Why Choose Our IB Diploma Tutor

We are in the field of teaching for the last ten years. Initially, we had only a few classes for the aspiring students along with 3 faculty, now we have expanded our teaching resource with more than 30 faculty and teaching students from different parts of the world through online teaching mode. At the time of start we faced many challenges and failures understanding the way learner wants to learn, but with the use of experience and adapting to the newest technological tools we have created the best learning program for the students.

No matter what is the amount of knowledge a student is having before the start, through our Baccalaureate Academy tutor program we turn him/her into a brilliant student. We do not compromise the quality of teaching and always rely on the promise made to you. Upon joining our tutor program, a student should have a clear mindset of learning and changing himself for the betterment of the society. Once enrolled in the tutoring program we make feel the difference in the student and the way of learning the concepts through our tricks and techniques.

We recruit a limited number of faculties and our experts to train them and make them capable to teach every kind of learner. All faculties are always available to clear the doubts of the learner no matter how many times they are asked to do so. Faculties ensure that every learner is getting the concept and make the tutor session interacting and amazing. Regular assignments are given to the learners to enhance their learning skills, these assignments not only test the capability of the learner but also make them study more by creating more interest with the challenging questions.

Knowledge, which is both disciplinary, represented by traditional subject areas (language, maths, science, social studies, arts, PSPE) and transdisciplinary