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IB Economics tutors at Baccalaureate Academy are subject matter experts in IB Economics tutoring economicsand selected carefully focusing on their previous work experience in teaching International Baccalaureate students from renowned schools worldwide. Economics forms the most important branch of Business studies. Thus, it is necessary to understand the concept of production, consumption, and distribution. Many students find it difficult to understand the interlinked concepts of Supply/ demand, income, and growth, Exchange rates & balance of payments, etc. Students studying Economics based on the IB curriculum, demand a thorough explanation of inflation, market structures, exchange rates, etc. Thus, if you want to study Economics as a core subject in the future & aspire to make a career in it, then you must opt for the Tutorial classes for Economics at Baccalaureate Academy.

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We offer the best & exclusive faculty of IB economics tutors to help you achieve the most impressive grades in crucial IB exams.

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Our comprehensive faculty of IB Economics tutors possess the detailed knowledge on every topic of Economics. We offer Online IB economics coaching classes that have grown popular among the students worldwide, for its consistent yet convenient online sessions that are available according to the student’s preferred time & interest. Our each IB Economics tutor prepares the unique study materials like test papers, notes, etc that are not easily available in the market. Our broad faculty of IB economics tutors stay updated on every small change in the syllabus. Our IB economics tutors hold interactive sessions that allow students to exchange their views, opinions thereby clearing queries that constitute the most important part of the online or offline sessions.

IB Economics Tutoring (One to One)

We take pride in IB Economics tutoring as our faculty of IB economics explains complicated curves and graphical representations in the simplest of manner to our students. They hand over work assignments frequently that enable students to practice learning the subject more often. It proves important for the students who should make it a habit of studying the subject every day, and not just a few days before the exams. Baccalaureate Academy offers one to one as well as group coaching classes both online and offline/home-based. But we specifically recommend weak students to opt for individual or one to one sessions as it helps students to build a better rapport with the IB Economics tutor and even allow the tutor to have a quick and deeper insight into the student’s mind. Individual coaching classes for IB Economics develop confidence and removes hesitation from the student’s mind that plays a crucial part in clearing any queries related to every topic of the subject.

IB Economics Tuition

To prepare for the final IB economics exam, students require IB Economics tuition to remember several key terms or concepts. Compared to IB economics SL, IB economics HL has a higher number of concepts to remember. IB Economics HL and SL are divided into Microeconomics, Macroeconomics International Aspects, and Development Economics. This also means that teachers taking HL economics classes tend to teach more quickly than the teachers who take up SL classes. This tendency may cause teachers to rush through certain topics to meet the target of the given academic calendar. But rushing through the chapters may create confusion and a lack of understanding in the student’s mind. Therefore, IB economics HL, SL requires coaching classes by specialized tutors apart from regular classes in schools. IB tutors who possess in-depth knowledge about the syllabus and can experiment with different interactive teaching patterns, can produce aspirants capable of achieving top grades in exams.

The complete course is covered across 2 years by our IB Economics tutors in detail. A lot of additional worksheets/assignments are offered to the students to cover various types of questions that are asked in the real exams. These worksheets are based on questionnaires from the last 10 years solved questions.

Preparation of IB HL/SL Economics exams


We believe that while the textbook composes of all the relevant knowledge about the course, you may find it new and overwhelming every time during the revision classes taken by our pro-IB tutors frequently. Therefore, it is necessary to update your own revision notes too, which helps students to summarize the long details into concise bullet points easily. Our IB economics tutors emphasize on the consistent practice of graphical representations and curves besides rigid calculations in HL economics along with a clear interpretation of key concepts and theories in your own words. It helps students to understand the complicated business subject easily. On the other hand, our IB economics tutors hold surprise periodical tests after the completion of every topic. The performance of a student in such tests helps our IB economics tutors to determine the progress of every student thereby giving the tutor an insight into the merits & weaknesses of his dear students. Our IB tutors for economics make it a point to share the feedback on the student’s progress report to their parents on regular basis.

For SL Economics exams, our IB economics tutors prioritize students to learn the huge group of general economic terms with definitions they must learn. To remember the long list of all terms and definitions they should mandatorily remember. One other way is to highlight keywords in the elaborate definitions. Many times, marks are awarded if the keywords are mentioned even though the definition is not to the point i.e. different from the one mentioned in the textbook.