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Our selection panel for IGCSE Chemistry tutors selects our tutors based on their education, teaching approach, experience in teaching the IGCSE syllabus, background, and assessment behavior.

Chemistry is a branch of science that is entirely research-based, thus most student finds the subject interesting, but difficult to acquire efficiency in it because of complex chemical concepts, numerical problems, look-alike chemical laws, balancing equations, integrate chemical formulas & tricky names of chemical compounds. Cambridge IGCSE syllabuses are prepared especially for students who want to move overseas for further studies or establish a career.

For over a decade, The IGCSE management has worked with schools and educationists at a global level to develop a syllabus that is suitable for students coming from various countries, several schools, and cultural backgrounds with a multitude of potential. IGCSE along with IB Curriculum is growing in popularity for the Cambridge syllabus of IGCSE Chemistry allows students to raise their interpretation of the technological world, encouraging students to show a uniform interest in scientific researches relevant to the subject. Therefore, Baccalaureate Academy has come up with exclusive coaching sessions for students who seek assistance with the vital subject of science other than regular school sessions.

Baccalaureate Academy is a science oriented A-level and IGCSE coaching institute with an arrangement of live online tutorial sessions for every subject of Science, English, Economics, etc. Our primary objective is to help weak students to achieve the best scores while urging an interest in the relevant subjects in young minds. Our IGCSE tutor lay a powerful foundation for such students who plan to study medicine, pharmacy, engineering, biotechnology, etc. Besides, our academy is well equipped with a state-of-art Chemistry lab where students can sharpen their knowledge and practical skills with the overall chemistry lab session to prepare themselves for practical Tests (IGCSE Paper 5 / A-level Paper 3).

IGCSE Chemistry Tutors at Baccalaureate Academy

Our extensive faculty of IGCSE Chemistry tutors ensure our candidates to be ones to achieve grades A+ to C as such top-scoring students are completely prepared to follow a variety of courses including Cambridge International AS & A Level Chemistry. Our experienced faculty of IGCSE Chemistry tutors understand the benefits of IGCSE educated students who are recognized and honored by major universities and employers worldwide that marks the evidence of their academic achievement. Hence, our broad faculty of IGCSE Chemistry tutors at Baccalaureate Academy makes sure that our students are imparted the thorough knowledge on every topic either theoretically or on the experimental procedures of Chemistry. IGCSE curriculum deals with the study of elaborate topics of Atoms, elements and compounds Stoichiometry, Electricity and chemistry, Chemical reactions, Sulfur, Carbonates, Acids, Bases and salts, Chemical Energetics, The Periodic Table Metals Air and water, Organic chemistry. Our highly specialized faculty of IGCSE Chemistry tutors teaches students to acknowledge the merits and limitations of scientific procedures, and how to implement this to other disciplines and in regular life. Thus, we ensure, our noted faculty of IGCSE Chemistry tutors use customized student-friendly teaching methods to reach out to each student. Weak students under our expert guidance of IGCSE Chemistry tutors learn to develop relevant outlooks like precision and authenticity, justice, honesty, curiosity, ingenuity, and innovation. Our coaching program of IGCSE Chemistry endeavors to stabilize a deep knowledge and grip over the subject and help to develop the answering skills students required not only for their IGCSE exams but also long term possibility for education or employment.

Teaching Methodology of our IGCSE Chemistry Tutor


Our every IGCSE Chemistry tutor conducts interactive online sessions with IGCSE students. Our expert counselors discuss the convenient timings of the students thereby preparing a carefully analyzed study schedule post the consent of respective parents. Thus, our dedicated faculty of IGCSE Chemistry tutors is available 24/7 throughout the year to guide their students through their homework and queries, simplifying the complexities of the subject. Our whiteboard sessions include slideshow presentations, video lectures with real-time examples that aim to make the tedious classroom sessions turn into an engaging one for the students where our IGCSE Chemistry tutors allow the latter to express their ideas and suggestions without any hesitation. Our skilled counselor advises parents of introverted students to opt for one to one private tutoring as the that will help the tutors to build a rapport with their prodigy. It will help the student to focus on the topic uninterruptedly and express his doubt more openly to his tutor; which is not easy for him to do in a class of 40.

IGCSE Chemistry Tuition

Our trained teachers conduct regular IGCSE Chemistry tuition as well as tests after completion of every topic that helps them in a comprehensive assessment of their student’s progress. Separate query solving sessions are also taken where our tutors concentrate on answering the smallest of doubts raised by their aspiring students. The regular holding of tests and assignments also helps the students to develop crucial time management skills necessary for them to appear in real-time IGCSE chemistry exams. The IGCSE Chemistry tutors at Baccalaureate Academy provide self-prepared study materials to their students helpful for the revisionary purposes. It includes guide notes, images, worksheets, solved test papers, and questionnaires based on previous year question papers that would give a real-time feeling of answering IGCSE Chemistry questions to the students. The performance of the students in tests gives an insight to their tutors over their strengths and drawbacks, after which our IGCSE Chemistry tutors share their valuable feedback with the concerned parents surely.