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Baccalaureate Academy selects its tutors after a diligent selection process, thus highly experienced tutors in online tutoring are only selected. Our online IB tutors are specialized in the IB curriculum and have comprehensive experience in imparting education to students via online globally. We offer live individual and group online classes, customized to your requirements, ensuring that you get the teacher's maximum attention. From catching up on a topic to get and additional advantage over your peers, our classes will help you go the extra mile. Our highly progressive online classrooms create an atmosphere that induces among the student's interest and urge to learn.

Our IB Online Tutors in India is highly accomplished and skilled. They have considerable experience in working with outstanding IB online schools worldwide. Besides, our tutors guide and inspire students to achieve top grades that are stepping stones for getting an opportunity to their desired college or university.

Moreover, our specialized tutors opt for contemporary and innovative tutoring methods to impart knowledge to pupils. The fact is, our IB tutors make it simple for the students to understand the complex formulas and concepts easily.

Also, we use highly integrated teaching aids like projectors and 3D models to explain the topic more clearly so that it leaves a deep impression upon the students and they remember it. In addition, we help students to clear their doubts individually and conduct a separate doubt clearing class to fill the gaps in their knowledge of any particular subject.

Our specialized faculty of online IB tutors worldwide prepares customized topic-wise notes and assignment sheets that is not found in any book, but prepared considering the student’s potential and learning capacity specifically. Weekly tests are conducted to measure the understanding level of the students. Our proficient faculty of online IB tutors emphasize heavily on the practice of past papers that helps the students to a huge extent in understanding the pattern of questions during the exam. Baccalaureate Academy offers exposure of Indian students to internationally recognized IB tutors Online.

Baccalaureate Academy has a decade long experience in offering classes based on IB curriculums. Ours is a noted home, center-based, and online tutoring service offering the students in Delhi and Gurgaon with over 1000 online IB tutors who know what you are looking for.

Furthermore, our every online IB tutor at Baccalaureate Academy can be easily reached out to. Our faculties of Online IB tutors have extensive experience in teaching students from the USA, UK, China, Canada, Indonesia, France, Australia, Japan, Singapore etc. In addition, our Online IB tutors have specialization in individual and group home tutoring in any part of India notably Delhi NCR. We always strive to offer our future generations with the best inline tutorial experiences by offering experienced and reliable teachers at an affordable fees.

Now finding IB Online Tutors anywhere in India or abroad is now very convenient at

Benefits of IB Online Tuition in India at Baccalaureate Classes

The most common reason, parents opt for getting tuitions to have a superior education apart from that in regular school. The major objective behind getting a child enrolled in a tutorial class is the one-on-one focus and greater time in clearing the doubts of a specific student. It is certainly difficult in case of a student who is an introvert and thus is ignored in his regular 45 minutes of the school class.

Therefore, Baccalaureate Academy ensures the parents that all such grievances are excellently addressed by us. Our faculties of accomplished online IB tutors teach your children at their convenient time with the utmost dedicated attention.

Our experienced IB online tutors are available 24 hours online and they are the ones who recognize the hidden potential in your child and take the initiative to sharpen the skills and expertise of every student so that they can improve their merit quotient and excel in their interesting subject areas of arts, commerce, or science.

Our exceptionally skilled IB online tutors offer tutorial classes for IB Math, Chemistry SL, Physics HL, and Biology to our students. These subjects from the science stream have the most complex subject matter and students find it difficult to understand the fundamental theories, formulae, and concepts along with complex definitions. Therefore it is very much necessary for the students to have a clear understanding of the fundamentals of such subjects from the beginning itself. If he doesn’t have a good grasp onto the basics of the subjects, the students will gradually lose his/her interest in the subject which will definitely affect their scores.

The IB curriculum noted for its significance abroad, especially the US and other European countries helps Indian students to pursue further studies or fulfill a dream career and settle abroad. Besides our management at Baccalaureate Academy also focus to teach students in small groups and not big classroom size group. Each of the sessions is well planned for making the class more interactive.

Our each IB online tutor adopts the most playful approach towards learning, so as to make the students focused during the session. This approach helps an introvert student to shed off his hesitation and interact more with his teacher which in turn encourages them to perform better each day.

Technology is becoming an integral part of the academic curriculum in India every day. So we make sure to our students use it to their best advantage for boosting their academic record. The best use of the web, tablets & laptops ensures the students learn difficult concepts with proper learning material. Features of our online class sessions are specially designed to make sure the concepts become easier to understand, without a doubt.

Moreover, Baccalaureate Academy keeps a watch of every student’s progress using technology, based on their performance and learning abilities. Plus, we make use of video libraries, worksheets and so much more. The focus on every student’s progress helps our online IB tutor to get a deeper insight of the student’s merit and demerits.

The parents are shared feedback on the student’s performance at regular intervals. This is done to make parents updated about the progress of their child.